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The classical guitars built in my workshop are concert instruments that meet the highest artistic standards. The entire process of selecting materials, the planning and the execution of each step of the work – it is all carried out exclusively by me, with painstaking effort and a great deal of passion.

  The unmistakable sound of OTTO RAUCH GUITARS is the result of my 35 years of professional experience, constant innovation, the finest materials from many countries, connections to the most famous international soloists and my very own personal building style.

Besides building guitars, my greatest passion is to play classical guitar music, including composing.
This enables me to approach my work and my instruments with a critical perspective.

I would be pleased to answer any questions you might have. Come and have an Italian coffee with me in my workshop!

Otto Rauch
Rheinstraße 10
D-65462 Ginsheim

++49 (0)6144-43484

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